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BIMALDI – The First Collection

13 December 2018

Since Bimaldi set feet on the ground, there was one distinct vision: “Create the highest quality clothing possible for men who enjoy their leisure time to the fullest, whether in sports or lounge”. Here was a river to cross and someone to make a bridge. The question followed soon after: How do we combine both the sport and lounge aspect together and stay true to the BIMALDI DNA?

The Core

To understand the BIMALD DNA, we had to understand every aspect in refined fabrics and artisan workmanship that represents the ethos. All the elements of the final BIMALDI piece should qualify accordingly. Every process is strictly controlled through whole the chain and every attention to detail is to be discovered.


Through extensive research and development phases in Portugal with the fabric mills, manufacturers, metalsmiths and so on, we crafted this collection. It was simple for the eye, but yet very elegant and sophisticated. This is the first collection in its field of practice which is a 100% Mercerized collection. This process discovered in 1844 by fabric chemist John Mercer, is a method to treat cotton fibers and gives it increased properties and luster. The touch or so-called hand, feels like silk. The process uses only the best cotton fibers within this process.

BIMALDI - Leisurewear for Men